Who we are and what we do

Zakhar LLC is a distribution company, based in Tbilisi, Georgia and operating in the South Caucasus. Originally founded in 1998 as a small family wholesale store situated in one of Tbilisi’s busiest open markets, during the past 20 years the company’s has grown dramatically to become the leading distributor of battery, lighting and accessory products in Georgia. In addition to contracts with leading retailers, our distribution chain also reaches smaller and traditional points of sales both in urban and rural areas of the country. At Zakhar LLC, we pride ourself on offering a high-level of service and our experience to successfully realize the potential of our brands. We strive to build strong personal relationships with our partners and work closely with them to formulate and achieve mutually beneficial goals.

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Auto Jump Starter & Mobile Power

CJS60 Auto Jump Starter & Mobile Power is powered by a special designed High Rate Discharge Lithium-Polymer Battery, providing great power in a small portable package. Designed with the patented safety protection technology, we ensure your safety when jump starting your vehicles. The jump starter can help you start up a car with a dead battery, and can also serve as a mobile power to charge your devices or an LED flashlight.